CARDET welcomes new and existing readers to the second newsletter, issued within the project Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation (RADC). This newsletter is published every four months and contains information related to Development Cooperation and Global Education.

Since our last communication, CARDET has been active in organizing and participating in a series of events in order to mobilise the support of European citizens for the fight against global poverty and the MDG agenda. Along with its partners, CARDET is at the final stage of developing the new undergraduate and graduate (Master's Level) courses on Development Cooperation. The courses will be available within the next few weeks at www.developmenteducation.org, where we invite you to sign up. We also encourage our readers to send their opinions and feedback in order to improve this publication. Moreover, we welcome contributions from NGOs, Institutions. and individuals working in the sector.

We hope that this periodic publication provides a medium for collaboration among NGOs, Universities, and individuals in order to engage in the Development Cooperation debate and positively influence the ongoing efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Warm Regards,

Charalambos Vrasidas

Executive Director

CARDET, www.cardet.org

CARDET becomes first NGO to lead a EuropeAid project

CARDET in cooperation with the International Council of Education Media organizes the conference "Innovative Learning Environments" on Wednesday, 10 November 2010, from 15:00 pm to 18:30pm at the UNESCO Amphitheater at the University of Nicosia. The conference is co-organized with the Pedagogical Insitute of Cyprus, the Open University of Cyprus, the University of Nicosia, INNOVADE LI Ltd., and Noesis Chemoinformatics Ltd. In addition, the conference is supported by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, the European Union, and the Cyprus Office of the European Lifelong Learning Programme.

DevEdu Kick-off Meeting

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Athens E-Learning Expo

The second e-Learning expo in Athens was completed successfully during the first weekend of October 2010. The event took place in the Training Center of the National Bank of Greece in Glyfada. The event included numerous technological presentations, open discussions, showcasing of educational software, demonstration of e-Learning products and services, educational games and more. The Expo hosted more than 40 exhibitors and was supported by more than 20 sponsors. This year's Expo thematic topic was "E-Learn for high quality of life and social prosperity".

DevEdu Kick-off Meeting

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RADC Workshop at the E-Learning Expo

CARDET presented the EuropeAid project "Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation" (RADC) at the successful 2nd e-Learning Expo in Athens. The Expo was organized by ITisART under the auspices of the University of Piraeus (Project Partner), supported by the European Commission and sponsored by CARDET (among others). The theme of this year's Expo was "E-Learn for high quality of life and social prosperity". Dr. Charalambos Vrasidas, Executive Director of CARDET, provided an overall presentation of the RADC project in the context of the Expo's workshop "Millennium Development Goals: The Educational Role of Non-Governmental Organizations".

RADC Workshop

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Trialog Newsletter

The TRIALOG Information Service has recently published an article on the launch of the Development Education Portal of the EuropeAid Project "Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation" (RADC), which is lead by CARDET. The article provides an overview of the Portal's objectives, uses, and features. The article also invites all interested stakeholders to register and contribute relevant material or participate in the upcoming debates in the Portal's forums. The full article can be accessed HERE.

DevEdu Portal

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Researcher Night 2010

Researchers Night is a European initiative for researchers which is organised every year simultaneously across over 200 cities in Europe. This year, the event took place in Limassol on September 24th, at the Lanitis Harob Mill complex. The event was organized by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) in collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol and under the auspices of the Mayor, as well as with the Cyprus University of Technology, the University of Cyprus, the European University of Cyprus, Frederick University, University of Nicosia, the Agricultural Research Institute, the Cyprus Institute and the Cyprus Institute for Neurology and Genetics.

CARDET held a booth in the event, where young visitors were encouraged to engage in fun activities using PDAs and laptops. One of the activities, which was greatly enjoyed, was the demonstration and gaming sessions of a World Food Programme computer game called FoodForce. FoodForce is the First Humanitarian video game to teach children about the logistical challenges of delivering food aid in a major humanitarian crisis, with an estimated network of 10 million players worldwide! The visitors were first given brief instructions on how the game works and then they were allowed to use the two computers to play the game. They enjoyed completing the various missions with the overall objective to feed a country dying of hunger. Some of the younger visitors were so excited about the game that they were asking instructions on how to download and install it themselves. The parents were happy as well, since their youngsters would spend their free time playing a game that teaches some important humanitarian lessons for a change!

Researcher Night

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National Seminar on Global Education

CARDET, a founding member of the Cyprus Platform of Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDOs) "The Development", along with the other members of the platform, held the 1st National Seminar on Global Education. The two-day seminar (22-23 October 2010) was organized in collaboration with the North South Center of the Council of Europe. The event yielded high attendance and active participation from teachers, academics, NGO activists, and public officers. The seminar included workshops on Global Education, Global Citizenship, Social Justice, and Human Rights that were followed by a discussion (Structured Dialogue) on developing a strategy for promoting Global Education. The outcomes of the seminar will be disseminated to the relevant stakeholders and are expected to serve as a tool for raising awareness on development education. In addition, the outcomes are expected to leverage mobilisation, especially on behalf of the public administration in promoting coherent policies on development education with the close cooperation of the local NGDOs.

DevEdu Kick-off Meeting

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Social Watch 2010

The 2010 Social Watch Report was launched recently and included the Cyprus Annual Report contributed by CARDET. CARDET is the official representative of the European and the International Social Watch Network in Cyprus, contributing annual reports on issues like social rights, migrants, education, development, and poverty eradication in Cyprus.

For the 2010 report, CARDET focused its analysis on the up-coming National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development in 2010-2015. Under the title "An opportunity for a 'social shift'", CARDET argues that the National Strategic Plan for 2010-2015 challenges the current status quo in development trends. Its two primary areas of focus are education and partnership between public institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs). As a result, local CSOs will become more active in the international development arena and the country has the potential to become a pioneer in social development. For this to happen, Cyprus must lead the way in the shift in development trends away from market-centred policies towards social justice, human rights, and equality.

Social Watch

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The International Council for Educational Media (ICEM-CIME) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which has been active in the field of educational technology since 1950. It maintains operational relations with UNESCO and is an NGO affiliate. ICEM has organized its International Conference since its foundation and is getting ready to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2010. ICEM also publishes Educational Media International (EMI), a quarterly journal, in which academic papers and articles on Educational Technology, Online-Learning, Media Design, and Distance Education are presented. CARDET is the representative of Cyprus in this international organization.

ICEM Conference

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CSO Effectiveness

During the period of 28-30 September 2010, CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development), in which CARDET participates as a member of the Cyprus NGDO Platform, joined over 200 CSO, donor, and government representatives from around the world in Istanbul for the first Global Assembly of the Open Forum (whose Secretariat is hosted by CONCORD). The Assembly discussed and approved 8 global principles for CSO development effectiveness, based on the input from 65 national, regional, and sectoral consultations.

These principles will be the basis for a comprehensive global framework of CSO development effectiveness that will be completed over the next couple of months by interested CSOs in the Open Forum. They will also inform a multi-stakeholder dialogue about the enabling environment and conditions for CSOs in development, in the run-up to the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in South Korea in late 2011.

CSO Effectiveness

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