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Bucharest, 18 August 2011 – Starting with August 9, World Vision Romania has joined the international fund raising efforts for the children and families in Africa and has launched the “Give a chance for life to the children in Africa!” campaign. Through this initiative, World Vision Romania will contribute to the international efforts to provide African children with healthcare, clean water and food, basic help which could save their lives. Every Romanian has the possibility to help the vulnerable children in Africa by donating online HERE. The campaign will last until mid-September.

Millions of children and families from Africa are suffering, and the entire international community has mobilized itself to face this situation. World Vision International is currently supporting over one million people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya – three of the most affected countries plagued by the worst drought in the last 60 years and a hunger that hit the eastern region of the African continent (also known as the Horn of Africa).

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Kenya, 385,000 children as well as 90,000 pregnant and lactating women are affected by malnutrition in the north and north eastern drought affected districts. This means one in five children are exposed to mortality due to malnutrition as well as preventable diseases such as malaria and stunted growth. Across the region, some 11.5 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

"As citizens of a world whose physical borders are no longer an obstacle, it is everyone’s duty to get involve. With this campaign, we want to offer the Romanian people the opportunity to join common international efforts. Over 11 million people are affected and we expect this figure to rise in the upcoming months. Almost one million children are malnourished and almost half of them may die due to the lack of fast support. Children who are suffering from severe hunger caused by malnutrition are 9 times more likely to lose their lives. We cannot stand aside and let this happen. We must act together!", said Adela Fundulea, Marketing Manager World Vision Romania.

With over 60 years of international experience in relief, advocacy and development, World Vision is striving to intervene in Eastern Africa. The organization is already present in the area and offers constant support consisting of food, water, medication etc. Out of the children directly supported by the World Vision projects in Kenya and Ethiopia, 211,000 (55,79%) are living in the areas which are severely affected by drought. In Somalia, 66,000 children who are benefiting from World Vision projects need urgent intervention.

"These children are facing appalling conditions. We’re doing all we can but the scale of this crisis means that many children – including those who are disabled or have lost their parents – simply have no-one to turn to. We are calling on the international community to urgently increase their help to target these children", said Philippa Lei, Children’s Rights Manager, World Vision International.

In Kenya, World Vision is providing food and water to over 300.000 people and it supports communities in identifying new water sources. In Ethiopia, World Vision supports 485.000 persons and provides food to over 61,000 refugees. In Somalia (Puntland and Somaliland regions), the help consists of food and water for 45,000 persons.


Join the World Vision cause and give the African children a chance to life! Visit and find out how.

For more information, please contact:
Mirela Slusaru – Communication Coordinator World Vision Romania
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