PATRIR awarded by WorldvisionOn the occasion of the International Peace Day, World Vision International is proud to announce that the winner of the 2011 World Vision International Peacebuilding Prize competition is the Romanian Peace Institute, PATRIR (Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania)!

In a world troubled by conflicts and war, World Vision International created the Peace Prize Award in 2008 to honour the memory of Steve Williams, World Vision U.K.’s Senior Policy Advisor on Peace and Conflict. Steve’s experience in peacebuilding as well as conflict and policy analysis distinguished him as a leader, not only within World Vision but within the peace community around the world. His commitment to integrating values of peace and reconciliation both in his work and personal life set a model for the spirit of integrity and justice World Vision wants to honour. The World Vision International Peace Prize recognizes his work and life and seeks to also commend those that model the same kind of spirit of integrity and positive influence.

This year’s award ceremony, organized on September 21st, starting at 10:00 am, at the House of Parliament in Bucharest, will bring together professionals and institutions working to build a stronger, more cohesive society, in which conflicts can find peaceful solutions. The awarding of the peace prize to a leading international institute based in and developed from Romania is also an important recognition of Romania’s increasing role and engagement in the promotion of peacebuilding, prevention and post-war recovery. This can only be achieved by mobilising both state and non-state actors, media and civil society, by building programmes on contexts and conflict analysis, and by integrating peacebuilding with relief, development and advocacy programmes.

PATRIR’s ability to partner with organizations, local communities and public officials has propelled transformation in communities facing structural and cultural violence on five continents. PATRIR’s programming addresses chronic causes of unrest like poverty, inequitable and unjust gender roles, and excels at mobilizing future generations of peacebuilders. Through its work PATRIR has become recognized globally as a leading centre of excellence in peacebuilding, prevention and post-war recovery, and is requested by governments, the UN and national and international organisations and agencies to provide expert support.

Through it’s International Peace and Development Trainin Centre (IPDTC) based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, PATRIR has trained thousands of people in peacebuilding, from communities to conflict parties, senior political leadership and staff and country missions of the UN, the OSCE, Commonwealth Secretariat and other national and international organizations. PATRIR works on violence prevention, mediation and peace processes and post-war recovery, working outside Romania when requested from governments and conflict parties. It has supported peacebuilding in Nepal, Oaxaca (Mexico), Sudan, Moldova-Transniestria, Crimea (Ukraine), Northern Ireland, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Liberia and elsewhere. PATRIR works only upon request from conflict parties, governments, local civil society organisations, the UN and others to assist in the development, facilitation and implementation of peace processes and violence prevention.

PATRIR’s National Department in Romania works on the promotion of peace education in schools and the community. It also works on public awareness raising campaigns on peace and development, and with the Department of Peace Operations, engages with the Romanian Government to place peacebuilding at the forefront of its development cooperation. Together with the Department and partners internationally it also works to promote the important role of children and youth in peacebuilding.

World Vision is honoured to recognize the incredible accomplishments of PATRIR by awarding the entire staff with the 2011 World Vision International Peacebuilding Prize. The prize is also an important recognition of Romania’s increasing prominence and active contribution to the field. Matthew Scott, Peacebuilding Director for World Vision International will award the prize to Kai Brand Jacobsen, President of PATRIR. Stefan Tinca, General Director, Regional Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yesim Oruc, Resident Representative, United Nations Development Programme and Catalin Andrew Popa, National Director for World Vision Romania will be the key speakers at the awarding ceremony.

World Vision Romania and PARTIR share a commitment to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of the communities, especially children and youth, by mobilizing the community resources in finding sustainable solutions to build a better future. World Vision Romania has a continuous presence in Romania since 1990 and is working in seven countries (Cluj, Constanta, Ialomita, Iasi, Dolj, Valcea and Vaslui) and in Bucharest with children in rural areas and in the most disadvantaged urban settings. With the International Day of Peace, World Vision is also excited to announce the launch of the 2012 Peace Prize. For further information on this year and the next year’s competition, please visit the webpage:

For any further details regarding the event, World Vision International, World Vision Romania’s activity, please contact Mirela Slusaru, Public Relations Specialist, WV Romania, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the WorldVision website.

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