The Centre for Environmental Education and Research (CEER) has this month launched an evening course of 9 lectures “Changing Minds, Changing Lives” mainly directed at youth. During the Introductory lecture held on the 14th of January, Vince Caruana, project co-ordinator of RADC, gave an outline of the work of CEER, emphasising the work currently being undertaken through CEER. The importance of this is in the fact that through RADC the many youth interested in Development Cooperation will eventually have for the first time ever a local opportunity for getting quality training in the subject area – something currently not possible as the needs analysis conducted through CEER as part of the RADC amply demonstrates.

During this course, Mahira Sheikh, researcher for RADC, will be giving two 1 ½ hour sessions where a number of issues that the RADC Fair Trade module raises will be debated in a workshop format. The demand for this course has been so high that we had to stop taking registrations after we reached the amount of 45 due to the limited space of the premises where the course is being taught.