WorldVisionMirela Oprea, member of the World Vision Team, partner in the RADC project, was invited by EuropeAid to contribute to the 'Development Education and Awareness Raising Study'. This Study was commissioned by EuropeAid to:

  • analyze current DEAR processes
  • make an overview of the main actors
  • develop recommendations for a future strategy for development education in Europe.

The fieldwork by the members of the Study team in all EU member states, and the discussions with state and non-state actors involved in development education and awareness raising, have contributed to the development of an Interim Report which is now available on the European Commission CiSocH website.

A Final Report will be developed based on feedback from participants and other stakeholders. Some of the most relevant issues addressed in the meeting pertained to:

  • the need to have a stronger focus on and participation of Southern partners in development education projects to take place in Europe and in the South itself
  • the importance of revised procedures for grant applications and administrative processes
  • a more inclusive approach, by encouraging all sorts of stakeholders (even if not traditionally involved with development education) to become involved with development education