CARDET is proud to announce the launching of the online Development Education Curriculum, developed in the context of the EuropeAid project “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation”. The curriculum is in direct alignment with the priorities of the MDG agenda, along with a special focus on gender equality and sub-Saharan Africa. The curriculum is composed of 8 online modules worth 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits each and is designed for universities, NGOs, and other organisations that offer formal and informal education on the topic and could incorporate it (or part of it) in their programme. The target audience of the curriculum mainly consists of secondary education students, university students, pre-service and in-service teachers, NGO activists, academics, and public servants.

The 8 modules are accessible through the project's online learning platform. Students complete all reading, discussions, activities, and assignments online through the Online Learning Environment (OLE). The environment for each module has been created through the use of Moodle, an open source platform that allows for the creation of OLEs and internet-based courses.

RADC module map