RADC logoThe RADC 3rd Semester meeting, hosted by World Vision Romania, took place at the Political Science Department of the University of Bucharest in Romania on June 21-22, 2011. The meeting was attended by the project partners (World Vision Romania, CARDET, KOPIN, and University of Piraeus) along with the participation of content experts working with World Vision. The major objectives of the meeting were the finalization of the Online Modules, the initiation of the development of Study Cases for the Information Toolkit, and the discussion on the overall progress of the project and the next steps.

During the 1st day, all partners provided updates on the activities they implemented during the 3rd semester of the project and presented the status of the modules they are responsible for in terms of content and online development. The partners then reviewed each module separately and provided feedback and suggestions in order to be able to finalise the modules. On the 2nd day, all partners worked on the development of the Information Toolkit, drafting the structure of the Study Cases, the National & EU Priorities Outline and the Teacher’s/Trainer’s Guidelines, which will be integrated in the Toolkit. Furthermore, partners discussed future dissemination and visibility activities, with particular focus on the International Conference about the project, expected to take place in Cyprus in November 2011. Finally, the partners set the tasks and developed the timeline of the project’s activities for the final semester of the project.