The Centre for Environmental Education and Research held a two hour workshop on March 24th to pilot out some of the activities of the RADC Fair Trade (FT) Module. This workshop was attended by 7 public policy students, 2 Masters Students studying Creativity and Innovation, and one law student. During the workshop students worked on some of the exercises currently being piloted online.

The focus of the workshop was threefold:

  1. the Fair Trade standards;
  2. Pricing mechanisms in Fair Trade; and
  3. Public Procurement and Fair Trade.

The students were also shown the “Story of Stuff” - the movie that examines the disproportionate influence that corporations exercise in the American political system and was inspired by the disastrous 2010 U.S Supreme Court decision that permitted corporations to spend freely to influence American elections. The movie is being proposed as one of the multimedia learning tools to be incorporated in the FT module. At the end of the workshop the students filled in an evaluation sheet - the results of which were overwhelmingly positive - and are currently being used to update and finalise the 4ECTS Fair Trade module being piloted.