The first online debate on development in the context of the EuropeAid funded project “Raising Awareness on Development Cooperation” took place during the period of December 1-21, 2010. The debate was hosted in the project’s forum site and it was facilitated by the Maltese partner organisation KOPIN with the participation of EU NGDOs, universities, educators and the general public.

The topic of the debate was based on the EU’s Green Paper, and focused on “EU development policy in support of inclusive growth and sustainable development: Increasing the impact of EU development policy”.

NGO activists, academics, students and other individuals interested in the topic participated in the debate. Ihe contributions to the debate will be presented to European networks through organizations such as Concord and Eurostep with whom both KOPIN and CARDET collaborate (through the Maltese national NGDO platform SKOP and the Cyprus NGDO Platform), and through the wider international community participating in the debate.

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Click HERE to see the outcomes of the debate.