The DE Times, DEEEP's newsletter issued every two months, included an article about the RADC project in its November 2010 issue. The article informed readers about the dissemination of the project by CARDET at the 2nd eLearning Expo in Athens. The article describes the coverage of the project in the Expo, which included an overall presentation of the project and a workshop with NGO activists, teachers, and organizations. The workshop involved a discussion around issues related to the capacity, capabilities, and challenges that NGDOs face in delivering development education, the exchange of best practices among stakeholders, and the ways in which e-learning can support efforts to meet the MDGs.


About DEEP

DEEEP is a programme initiated by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum of CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development) that aims at strengthening capacities of NGDOs (Non-Governmental Development Organizations) to raise awareness, educate and mobilise the European public for world-wide poverty eradication and social inclusion.



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Read the article HERE or download the full newsletter HERE