WorldVision Press ConferenceOn May 25, with the occasion of International Day of Africa, World Vision Romania announced the official launch of the project “Raising awareness for development cooperation”. Nongovernmental organizations active in the development cooperation field were present at the event, and they all underlined the problems caused by poverty on the African continent as well as the difficult situation of the African refugees in Romania. Anita Delhass, National Director World Vision Romania considers that the social problems that both Romania and the African countries are going through should bring them together.


In order to achieve this, the project launched on this date aims to create practical opportunities for those interested in getting more involved in the development cooperation field: a curricula of studies that will tackle the Millennium Development Goals. One of these goals is to eradicate extreme poverty. The curricula will be an educational and informational resource for every person interested in comprehending the international development cooperation field: academia, students, civil society representatives, public and local authorities’ representatives, mass media and the general public.